Review of 2023 Beihong Lecture Series“The Relationship between Life and Creation” by Mr. Feng Yuan

22 Dec,2023 views

Lecturer Feng Yuan is the Deputy Director of the China Central Institute for Culture and History, and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association. He has held solo exhibitions and exhibition tours across Europe, America, and Asia for multiple times with offering lectures and classes. His works have been collected by many museums and galleries at home and abroad.

This lecture started with the introduction of the exhibition "Only Way Collects Void--Chinese paintings by teachers and students,"held at the gallery of RUC School of Arts. By probing into this exhibition, Mr. Feng analyzed how artists are preoccupied with identifying and collecting life materials to link them with artistic creation along the evolution of Chinese painting and its teaching, what are the initiatives and approaches inspire artists to create art works to throw light on the basic law applied to artistic creation and practice.

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