The Department of Art and Design offers creativedegree programs in Visual Communication Design, New Media Art andEnvironment Design. These programs are created to nurture students to become competitive art designerscan adapt to the trans-formative art industry and bring their professional skills into full playin global context. Professional practices and theoretical study are complementary to provide students unique experience to sparktheir in-depth creativity and thoughts.We impart extensive knowledge to students so that they can work across the boundaries at the intersection of art, design, mass culture, and digital technology. Having access to national and international design competitions, exhibitions, a multitude of events and activities, studentsare able to hone their skills and develop as critical thinkers and designers impacting the global professional landscape.

Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design

The undergraduate programs provided by the Art and Design Department blend programmatic and general education courses, which lay foundation for the students to enter art and design industry, or pursue advanced graduate study in visual communication, multi-dimensional spacial design, and landscape architecture. We aim to nurture students with comprehensive skills and expansive vision to adjust to theincreased standards for becoming a global designer.

Direction in Visual Communication: Designed for students to blend digital tools with traditional design knowledge applied to reconstruct visual image and animate visual communication.

Direction in Creative Broadcasting: Engaged in the study of creating 2D and 3D animations in conjunction with varied media and interdisciplinary tools.

Direction inEnvironmentDesign: Impart students traditional and creative concepts and skills applicable to the design of architecture and landscape.

Meanwhile, the department is in cooperation with RUC School of Journalism and Communication jointly offering a dual-degree in Creative Communication.

Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design

Theprogram at our university showcases the seamless integration of technology with well-established traditional design practices. Our goal is to provide students with a solid conceptual foundation and practical knowledge in the field of graphic design.Drawing inspiration from both Chinese traditional culture and Western contemporary art, our program equips students with the creative acumen to adapt to the ever-evolving art industry. We offer a range of interdisciplinary subjects to develop diverse knowledge and skills, equipping students with the competitiveness required in today’s dynamic art field.Our focus is on exploring the communication and transmission of information in the realm of art design. We aim to transform visual design into diverse design objects such as products, interactions, services, and experiences, thus achieving a comprehensive transformation of traditional graphic design content and media.

Master’s Degree in New Media Art Design

The program focuses on how media respond to new art phenomena and cultural cognitive trends, particularly in the context of integrated media art. By incorporating diverse art forms such as performance art, video art, sound art, and live art, the program’s teaching approach promotes cross-disciplinary study and innovative exploration in media design. Guided by the integration of art and technology, the program explores comprehensive design creation methods. It leverages information technology as an intermediary to provide combined and interdisciplinary content for creation. Additionally, the program emphasizes the coordination of relationships among artistic design theory, media theory, and design skills during the training process.

Master’s Degree in Environment Design

The program is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive education in traditional Chinese landscape design concepts and techniques. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of preserving the rich cultural heritage of China while also encouraging students to explore innovative approaches to modern landscape architecture.Through a combination of lectures, workshops, and hands-on projects, our program equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in a wide range of design fields. Projects include urban and rural landscape architecture, urban planning, construction and management, ancient building preservation and restoration, and interior design,allows students to apply their learning in a practical setting, fostering creativity and innovation. This approach not only prepares students for competitive employment opportunities but also encourages them to pursue their own unique vision within the design industry.

Doctor's Degree in Aesthetics

The School of Arts is in cooperation with the School of Philosophy to provide a PhD program in aesthetics. The Program centers on the profound research and study on fine art, art education, art history, arts communication which assemble a bunch of renowned scholars and professors from the School of Arts.

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