The Art Exhibition & Summit Forum “Art for the People - Building an Independent Knowledge System for Chinese Higher Art Education"is Successfully Held at Renmin University of China

02 Jan,2024 views

On November 21st, co-curated by Renmin University of China and China Academy of Art, the opening ceremony of the art exhibition and Summit Forum of "Art for the People - Building an Independent Knowledge System for Chinese Higher Art Education"was successfully held at the School of Art, Renmin University of China (RUC). Vice President of Renmin University of China, professor Wang Yi, Vice President of China Academy of Art, professor Cao Xiaoyang, and Dean of the School of Arts, Renmin University of China, professor Zhang Chun were present and delivered opening remarks. More than 30 experts and scholars from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Art, etc, showed up, and the opening ceremony was presided over by professor Liu Mingcai, deputy dean of the School of Arts.

Prof. Wang Yi spoke highly of “Xieyi Youth-Student Painting Exhibition of RUC School of Arts,” curated from the perspective of rooting in realistic life and showcasing Chinese spirit, which embodies the link between creative practice and the holistic development of national art by the students from RUC School of Arts, and highly illuminate young generation’s enterprising spirit and unflinching determination and wisdom in surmounting difficulties. The compliment is further extended to “Rooting-Exhibition of Traditional Plastic Arts” by China Academy of Art, curated  from the perspective of rooting in national traditions and affirming cultural confidence, which reflect the new ideas of national tradition’s return to "Chinese modeling", and actively exploring the reform of contemporary art education.

Prof. Cao Xiaoyang articulated how important the Chinese plastic arts is in interpreting Chinese culture. Through this cooperation in art exhibition and forum, the relation between Renmin University of China and China Academy of Art will be deepened, and the joint work on art education and the reform of Chinese Fine Art teaching will be promoted.

Prof. Zhang Chun stated that guided by the concept of "art for the people," RUC School of Art is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary cooperation, maintaining organic interaction with the School of Literature, the School of History, the School of Philosophy, and jointly creating top-notch innovative talent training program with the School of Journalism, as well as rural revitalization projects with the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and major national social science projects in the field of art with the School of Economics. RUC School of Arts attaches more importance to exploring the roots of traditional Chinese culture, boldly innovate traditional Chinese art forms, and have produced tons of oil paintings with distinct characteristics and rich connotations.

Afterwards, the summit forum "Art for the People - Building an Independent Knowledge System for Chinese Higher Art Education" was carried out by focusing on “how to build an independent knowledge system for Chinese higher art education,“how Chinese higher art education achieve self-disciplined development in interdisciplinary practice,“how to comprehensively enhance the quality of art students by involving the teaching of literature, history, philosophy, and so forth,“the development of fundamental teaching in Chinese contemporary higher art education,”and totally covered 7 sub-themes.

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