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School of Arts, Renmin University of China is a comprehensive school of arts including music performance, design and fine art. The School was founded in 1999 with Dr. Xu Qingping as the Dean.

School of Arts is a key part of Renmin University of China. Over the past six years, school of Arts has exceeded expectations in a wide range of art disciplines. The primary goal of SA is to combine the best from Western and Chinese arts, integrating and building on China's artistic heritage. Following the innovative spirit of Xu Beihong, who had profound love for his country and people, students assimilate different forms of art, past and present, from all over the world so that they can build a broad academic and artistic foundation.

All the departments of SA offer a solid but flexible curriculum, integrating aesthetic theory and practice while teaching an understanding of arts and design. The arts curricula encompass courses open to non art majors. The school includes three departments: Department of Painting, Department of Art and Design, Department of Music. The school also has a Foundation Course Department and The Institute of Oriental Art.

Teaching in the art school is implemented through the studio-system, which includes: Chinese Painting Studio, Oil Painting Studio, Illustration Studio, Graphic Design Studio, New Media Studio, Landscape Architecture Studio and Animation Studio.

The Department of Music offers three majors including performance in the areas of piano, wind and string instruments and voice / opera. The piano and orchestra students have a four year program while the voice students have a five year program.

At present, the school has about 500 students and 60 faculty members, including ten professors and nine associate professors.

In 2003, School of Arts was authorized by the Ministry of Education to recruit graduate students in three academic fields, including fine art, art history and design. Furthermore, together with the Aesthetic Institute in the Philosophy School, School of Arts jointly recruits doctorate degree students for the comparative study between Western arts and Chinese arts. Doctoral programs focus on art history and philosophy of art.

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