The Department of Music of the School of Arts at Renmin University of China was established in 1999. It is a collective of artists that combines artistic and academic excellence, embodying a distinctive educational approach that integrates professional music education with artistic quality education. Adhering to the fine tradition of Renmin University of China to "always advance at the forefront of the times," our Department actively responds to General Secretary Xi Jinping's development ideology centered on the people. It is committed to rooting itself in the aesthetic field of Chinese national art in the era of "globalization." The department explores an artistic education model and talent development mechanism with Chinese characteristics, taking the promotion of the spirit of Chinese culture and the practice of socialist core values as the philosophy and direction of music and art education.

In 2021, the Department of Music was selected as a first-class undergraduate program construction site in Beijing. Currently, it offers undergraduate programs in Orchestral Music (Western), Piano, Vocal Music (Bel Canto), and Multidimensional Music Enlightenment. Additionally, it collaborates with the School of Chinese Studies to jointly train undergraduate students majoring in the Guqin (ancient Chinese zither). The department has established various performance groups such as the Chamber Music Ensemble, Youth Orchestra, and Chorus, organizing regular concerts in renowned music halls, professional institutions, and major music festivals both domestically and internationally, earning widespread acclaim in the industry.

Furthermore, our Department has consistently emphasized social service. Apart from hosting special performances on platforms such as universities, primary and secondary schools, communities, radio, and social media, it also provides various music courses and music-related activities to contribute positively to society, achieving favorable social impacts.

Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance

Program in Music Performance is tailored to students’ individual interest and expertise, training them to develop into well-rounded professionals with high levels of musicianship. Students work closely with a studio faculty mentor to refine artistic skills, meanwhile, supplement their studies with music theory classes, repertoire classes, chamber music coachings, and a prescribed several non-music courses. The immersive and creative educational process empowers students to level up their musical skills and career exploration. Available majors include Piano/Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass/Woodwinds: Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon/Vocal Performance, and Music Enlightenment.

Master’s Degree in Art Creation and Criticism

The program accentuates intensive and extensive study on music creation and criticism. On the basis of the practice on art and music creation, this program is set out to implement concrete study on formal language, style and genre, and media communication,and further explore the research on aesthetics and the characteristics of the being of art, in order to construct a creative path presenting the essence of the world through excisingintuitive and art-related activities.Thisprogramdraws onadvanced teaching paradigmsand academic achievements worldwide, intersects with broad disciplines of philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and neurology, etc, and ends up forming theoretical system and innovative model in artistic creation and criticism. We arecommitted to cultivatingtalents demonstrating initiatives and possessing deep insights into the trend of art and music development in the new era.

Doctor's Degree in Aesthetics

The School of Arts is in cooperation with the School of Philosophy to provide a PhD program in aesthetics. The Program centers on the profound research and study on fine art, art education, art history, arts communication which assemble a bunch of renowned scholars and professors from the School of Arts.

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