Art education in Renmin University of China could trace back to Shaanbei Public School in 1937. It underwent several stages of development with name changed.In 1999, it was rebuilt as Xu Beihong School of Arts, Renmin University of China. In 2008, Xu Beihong School of Arts changed its name to School of Arts, Renmin University of China(RUC).


RUC School of Arts is committed to discovering and excising varied art functions with exploring creative approaches to nurture artists adaptable to art tendency in the global context. By incorporating artistic theory into aesthetic practice, the school works towards promoting interdisciplinary development and leveraging techniques and perceptions of avant-garde to the advancement of art education.

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Led by the superiority ofour university’s humanities and social sciences, the School of Arts provides all-round art education covering the discipline of Fine Art, Oil Painting, Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy, Music Performance and Theory, Arts Management, Art History and Theory, Art Design, New Media and Animation, Landscape Design, and intersects with varied subjects beyond art itself in order to build robust and comprehensive art education. Different level and category of programs are designed to equip enterprising artists and art educators with avant-garde knowledge and practice to be able to spur their career development. Facing new challenges in art domain, we adhere to the teaching of Chinese traditional art, demonstrating inclusive attitudes to the study of cultural diverse and explore multifaceted educational paradigms inart.

The School of Arts is also devoted to engaging with diverse art and cultural communities to enrich our students and scholars’academic life. We maintain partnerships with renowned universities from the United States,France,Italy,Germany,Finland,Slovenia,Malaysia,Japan,South Korea,etc, to jointly establish academic exchange programs and launch a range of cultural exchange projects, such as co-organized events, conferences, art festivals, and exhibitions, etc,.

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