Art enlightens us to experience the beauty of life and better understand ourselves.

Fueled by the advantages of humanities and social sciences of Renmin University of China, RUC School of Arts has been reestablished and undergone decades’ development with a lofty mission on "art for the people". We are in pursuit of diverse and creative art education that combines art practice, theoretical research, and interdisciplinary study, with the goal to cultivate compound art elites with global perspectices and advanced professional skills. 

To enhance all-round development in art education, we are engaged in curating cultural and art exhibitions, launching international art forums, staging music performances worldwide, strengthening international cooperations and so forth. On top of this, we are dedicated to promoting the inheritance and innovation of Chinese art, in hope of the implications empowered by art can help the world better recognize Chinese civilization. Resonating with government’s call on rural revitalization, we implement art functions to transform the appearance of rural areas, to contribute educational tools and resources to serve people’s spiritual needs.

We ardently welcome students abroad to pursue a study with us and join us to embrace challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing art world. We also sincerely invite international partners to work with us in facilitating excellence, creativity and prosperity of higher art education.

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