The Department of Art Theory and Management offers degree programs in Arts Management, Art History, Art Criticism and Theory. Studentscan receive systematic trainingby taking broad and intensive theoretical courseswith practical opportunities combined. Faculty members are devoted to transnational, trans-cultural, and interdisciplinary modes of research to bring aboutacademicand teachingfruition to benefit students. Our priority is to expand students’horizon and creativity through art education, and guide them to gain all-round skillsin art analysis, criticism, and arts management. Students leavingthe departmentcan locate their careers in the educational institutions, museums, art galleries, auctionhouses, and more art-related corporations.

Bachelor’s Degreein Arts Management

This program is to develop talents committed to the field of visual and performing arts management. Student will receive theoretical and practical training by taking interdisciplinary curriculum that coversthe subjects of economics, marketing, strategic planning, art theory, art history, and so forth. Our teaching prioritizes a series of managerial skills can be applied to resolving art issues prevailing in the contemporary arts world. Joining this program, students will also gain internship opportunities to help them to be familiar with realistic art industry and prepare for their professional life after graduation.

Master’s Degree in Art History

This program prioritizes the academic study on Chineseand the worldarthistory,andinvolves the subjects of the history of Chinese painting, the history of the music all over the world, and the history of the art design. Historical analysis threads the study of fine art, architecture, sculpture, photography, conducive to identifydiverse artistic expressionsand perceptions inhistoricaland chroniclecontext.Our school’s "Xu Beihong Art Research Center"plays a crucial role in supporting the research and exploration on historical theories and practices in art.

Master’s Degree in Arts Management and Communication

This programis divided up into the section of finance of art, arts management, and arts communication that fulfillstudents to work for Chinese and international cultural industry and art institutes. The establishment of this program is to cater to the social needs for highly qualified arts managers, andtofosterChinese cultural industry towards internationalized, diversified,and branding. This program combines theory and practice, culture and artistry, specialty and cross- disciplinary study with an aim to expand students’global vision and improve their core competitiveness in the field of arts management and communication.

Master’s Degree in Art Creation and Criticism

On the basis of the practice on artistic creation, this program is set out to implement concrete study on formal language, style and genre, and media communication,and further explore the research on aesthetics and the characteristics of the being of art, in order to construct a creative path presenting the essence of the world through excising intuitive and art-related activities.This program draws on advanced teaching paradigms and academic achievements worldwide, intersects with broad disciplines of philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and neurology, etc, and ends up forming theoretical system and innovative model in artistic creation and criticism. We are committed to cultivating talents demonstrating initiatives and possessing deep insights into the trend of art development in the new era.

Doctor's Degree in Aesthetics

The School of Arts is in cooperation with the School of Philosophy to provide a PhD program in aesthetics. The Program centers on the profound research and study on fine art, art education, art history, arts communication which assemble a bunch of renowned scholars and professors from the School of Arts.

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