The Department of Fine Art offers a range of studio art programs in Chinese Painting,Chinese Calligraphy,Oil Painting and Printmaking. We aim to train professionals who clingto their pursuit in art,and take initiatives to forge their individual style as an artist. We are proud to have a group of outstanding artists such as Zhang Chun, Wang Jiazeng, Huang Huasan, Liu Mingcai, Qi Xiaochun, Gao Yi, etc who profusely grow their art production and academic input to fulfillthe mission of RUC art education.From the teaching respect, we value the importance to heighten students’ comprehensiveability in art exploration, and highlight cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchanges with educational institutions at home and abroad.Students are expected to incorporate creative thinking, creative approach, and creative ability into their artworks.

Bachelor' s Degree in Painting

The Department of Fine Art provides students undergraduate program with a focus on oil painting and Chinese painting to develop their professional skills and artistic creativity in all aspects. The program encompasses fundamental courses and studio practices in response to students’ interest in various painting options ranging from figure, still-life, landscape, and to the courses deliver expansive knowledge and practices in leading them to be artists. The first two years place the emphasis on the coursework of plastic art research, including basic skills of plastic art, fundamental study of a specialty, and related theoretical study. Plastic art training integrates various painting techniques, enabling students to examine and polish their own works, and exercise different art options intriguing them. Upon entering the third year, each student selects one specialty, either oil painting or traditional Chinese painting by accepting extra particular instruction and studio training. Students are allocated to different studios following professors to further recognize their strengths, refine skills and personal narrative, and stimulate aesthetic sensibilities through active studio practices and exhibit curation. During the last school year, students are required to conclude their study by completing thesis research and bringing their works for an exhibition.

Master’s Degree inPainting and Calligraphy

The program is tailored to advance students’expertise in oil painting, Chinese painting, and Chinese calligraphy.Chinese painting and calligraphy are ancient art formsthat illuminate Chinesetraditional cultureand art spirit.Oil painting aligns the techniques and modeling language study of western oil painting with integrating the element of Chinese oil painting.Our teaching stresses the importance to cultivate students not only to handle sophisticated artistic skills in painting and writing, but also to understand the implicationsand traitslinked tovariedartistic expressions.

Doctor's Degree in Aesthetics

The School of Arts is in cooperation with the School of Philosophy to provide a PhD program in aesthetics. The Program centers on the profound research and study on fine art, art education, art history, arts communication which assemble a bunch of renowned scholars and professors from the School of Arts.

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