Review of 2023 Beihong Lecture Series“Images, Themes, and History”by Prof. Yu Yang

22 Dec,2023 views

Lecturer Yu Yang, professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts,  renowned art critic, scholar of Chinese modern and contemporary art history, and curator.

In the context of the omnimedia era, art creation has increasingly manifested its interdisciplinary and multi-domain attributes between diverse media and art ontology, elite culture and popular culture, visual images and textual narration. This interdisciplinary nature is more directly reflected in the fundamental connection between theme art creation and national history and social reality: the adherence of theme art creation to historical or social themes, as well as the sharing of creative laws and principles in history and literature as a form of discourse, are both constrained by the evolution of the social and cultural environment. From the perspective of art history, thematic art creation embodies the historical reality and social landscape of various eras and ethnic groups, and displays distinct national sentiments and characteristics of the times. This lecture starts with the conceptual categories and key issues of thematic art creation, and elaborates on the relationship between visual images of art works, theme expression, and historical documents from the theoretical perspective of image evidence history. It also has enlightening value for the current methodology of art creation.

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