Description Of Design Center
Center of Landscape Architecture and Design plays an important role in the education and research of Xu Beihong School of Arts. The Center's main function is to provide the teaching staffs and students with a platform to carry out their educational practices, researches and project designs. The scope of practices of the Center encompasses services related to landscape architecture design, new media design, graphic design, production by creatively maneuvering multi-visual languages, conventional publishing and printings as well as consultancies in the above mentioned fields. Since its establishment in 2005, the Center's work has been proved very fruitful and has become a focus of attention both on and off the campus of Renmin University. In fact, it reaches out to various communities of research and business in society. The principles observed by the Center are "engagement, creative thinking, and serving society". In the future, adhering these three principles, the Center will continue to make contributions to Xu Beihong School of Arts as well as the whole society.  
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