Major: Painting

Introduction to Art (Cross-listed)

Traditional Chinese Painting

History of Chinese Fine Arts (Cross-listed)

Calligraphy and Seal Cutting

History of Western Fine Arts (Cross-listed)

Creative Painting

Chinese Calligraphy

Life Painting

Color I

Color II

Color III

Anatomy and Perspective

Form Foundation

Form Design


Design Foundation

Book Design


Art Theory

Black and White Painting

Oil Painting


Senior Thesis

Thesis Project

Major: Art And Design

Introduction to Arts (Cross-listed)

Animation History

History of Chinese Fine Arts (Cross-listed)

Introduction to Animation

History of Western Fine Arts (Cross-listed)

Animation Foundation

Calligraphy (Cross-listed)


Form Foundation

Animation Production

Color Foundation

Music and Sound Effect

Design Foundation

Design 1

Design 2

Painting Styles

Computer Aided Design

Motion Design

Basic Photography

Art Criticism

Design History and Theory

Script Writing

2-D Composition


Color Composition

Introduction to Landscape Design

3-D Composition

Creative Visualization

Basic Graphic Design

Landscape Design

Basic Multi-Media Design

English for Art Major

Film Language

Introduction to Landscape Architecture

Design 3

Introduction to Architectural Construction

Architecture History and Theory

Urban Planning Theory


Senior Thesis

Thesis Project

Major: Music Performance

Introduction to Theory of Arts

String and Wind Instrument Performance


Orchestra Training


Orchestra Excerpts for Audition

Composition Analysis

Chamber Music


Applied Piano

History of Music inChina

Voice performance

History of Western Music

Choral Ensemble and Opera Performance

Chinese Folk Music

Theatrical Speaking and Acting Techniques for the Opera Singer


Dance Training

Piano Performance

Italian Phonetic and Diction

Piano Accompanying

German Phonetics and Diction

Public Performance

French Phonetic